Symposia of Private Higher Education: Road to Excellence

Achieving Excellence in Private Higher Education in KuwaitTuesday, April 21, 2015 | The Arab Organizations Headquarters Building, Shuwaik


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to welcome you to our meeting on “Achieving Excellence in Private Higher Education in Kuwait.”The world economy is steadily becoming knowledge-based. Such an economy requires manpower equipped with the knowledge and skills, capable of meeting its special needs.

It is a truism to say that the outcomes of higher education in terms of quantity, quality and type are a key element in the success of development plans in a country. It is therefore essential that the educational institutions should be given due attention in terms of motivating the investments necessary to raise the levels of education in general and higher education in particular. The outcomes of higher education are the result of a cumulative process.

What we are seeking is the support of the higher private education sector by the provision of appropriate structures and legislations that allows for the improvement of its performance and the achievement of a better complementarity with the public higher education sector. This will help the private higher education institutions overcome obstacles that prevent their growth and threaten their sustainability. It will enable them to offer the curricula that meet the needs of the market as well as the international competition. It is important to give the private higher education institutions a chance to develop their independent character, in line with their educational philosophy, and the expertise in the scientific and technical fields which they wish to offer.

It is with view in mind that we chose the subject of our meeting today, namely “Achieving Excellence in Private Higher Education in Kuwait: Opportunities and Challenges”, and because our topic is at the heart of the challenges of development in the Arab world at large, we chose as a venue a building that includes the Arab Fund for Economics and Social Development.

The aim of this meeting is to shed light on the successes of Kuwait’s ten years’ experience in private higher education and to compare it with that of others. We hope that at the end of this meeting we will be able to produce a list of recommendations that will support the sustainability of private higher education in Kuwait. This is necessary if these educational institutions are to continue to serve the Kuwaiti society.

“As private colleges and universities, we have learned much during the last decade and we continue to learn. We hope that the recommendations emanating from this meeting will be well-received and acted upon.”

– Mr. Abdullah Al-Sharhan,
  Chairman, Australian College of Kuwait.


Mr. Abdullah Al-Sharhan

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